Electric vs Gas Snow Blowers

Winter is on it’s way, do you really want to be outside shoveling snow? Shoveling takes a lot of time and can be hard on your back if your not mindful of posture. Motorized snow blowers have been created to make the job easier and less time consuming. Whether you prefer a gas or electric snow blower, you can guarantee to get the job done hassle free.

Gas Snow Blower

Longer driveways call for a bigger job this you will want a gas snow blower. They are gas to use, no hazards of dragging around a cord and are excellent for heavy snow fall and wet snow. There are two types of gas snow blowers; single-stage and two-stage. Single stage clears and dispenses only about 8 inches of snow fall whereas two-stage has a relatively large distance when dispensing the snow after it is suctioned into the machine.

Pros and Cons of Gas Snow Blower

While the gas snow blowing seems to be great for handling bigger tasks, they have their disadvantages too. Gas powered snow blowers often come with a higher price because of their ability to have more power, go the distance and get the job done. What you need to ask yourself is what do you really need in a gas snow blower. When purchasing a two-stage snow blower, it is good to keep in mind that they are not all the same. They range from high-end to low-end two stage gas snow blowers. Low-end has only 5.5 horse power while high-end has 9 mhp.

Electric Snow Blower

Short or midsize driveways, the electric blower will take care of the job in a timely fashion. With an electric snow blower, you spend more time ditching the snow and less time with the maintenance such as starting it up, putting it away and maneuvering it around other larger items. Electric snow blowers are less expensive that gas and are excellent for small jobs.

Pros and Cons of the Electric Snow Blower

As with everything, the electric snow blower has it’s advantages and disadvantages. With the electric, you don’t need to worry about tune-ups, oil or gas. They aren’t as loud as gas blowers and because they are lightweight, it makes storing easy. The cons of a snow blower are that they are most useful on short driveways because the cord tends to be in the way thus making it a hazard. The electric snow blower also does not have as much power as the gas blower.


Best Cordless Electric String Trimmer and Edger Deals For This Father’s Day

Trimmer-and-EdgerThere are a lot of options when it comes to trimmers and edgers for your needs. You may not know what ones are best for your needs, The great news is that you don’t have to know a lot to understand what options are going to be best for you.

Black and Decker 20 Volt

This model is a great option for your home. It offers a 12 inch clearance and is easy to start. This model is perfect for small spaces or large ones alike. When you get it, you will be able to start it right away to give the lawn a good trim and try it out.

While the 20 volt option is a little harder to keep charged and doesn’t have the power that some have, it can do the same job. This means it may take a little longer than some of the larger volt versions, but it will still get the grass cut.

40 Volt Kolbalt Max

This model is a great option for a started trimmer. It has a standard 12 inch clearance and is also easy to start. You may want to try to string it right away, but you won’t have to with this model. You can use it for not just large space but also a small or medium space.

This model has a smaller volt charge as well, but it can do what most of the larger versions can with a little work. You may want to let it charge a little longer and take some more time to get the larger yards done to your standards. This might mean it takes a little longer for larger yards. The smaller yard will take only a short amount of time with the 40 volt model as well as some of the medium sized yards.

20 Volt Worx

This model is a smaller one with only a 10 inch clearance. It does offer you a great option for a small space that you can’t get into easily. You can use the trimmer for fence areas as well as to keep smaller spaces clean of debris or long grass. This can also help you with keeping your larger spaces clean, but you may have to take more time with this model because of the smaller size.

As before the only downside to this model is the volt size and possibly the clearance of the cutting cord. This model is perfect for smaller yards as it will hold the charge long enough to finish it and it will be more able to utilize the smaller size to get into small spaces in the yard.

Kolbalt 60 volt Max

This model is larger than some of the other ones, but it offers more power as well as a larger cutting base. It’s 16 inches and perfect for large spaces and that will help you keep the grass cut to a smaller size. This will also keep critters from coming into your yard and make your home look better.

This larger model is perfect for large yards. It has the power to handle the longer jobs as well as the size to cut more area. If you are trimming a small yard, this isn’t going to be something you want to use. The size will cause you problems and you may hit your home with the cutting cord. The larger size is best for larger spaces where there is better clearance from the building to keep that from happening.

There are a lot of options when it comes to trimmers. Electric is the big choice because of the ease of use and the smell not being a problem. You may not want any of these models listed here because they don’t quite fit what you need. That is okay too. The biggest thing is to make sure you get something that is going to be the best for you so you are happy with it in the end. The last thing you want is something that is not going to be a good fit for you and the needs you have. Take your time and research the options in front of you. Then get the one that you think it best.

The Difference Between Automatic & Bump Feed Trimmers

Essential Tool For Any Home DIYer

An American engineered vise with a four inch opening, The Wilton Bench Vise is an essential tool for any home DIYer. Whether it be drilling perfect holes, sawing down a 2×4, or creating a strong glue seal, having a bench vise to hold down your work is important to a polished project.

Safety: Made with High Strength Steel

That means there won’t be any weak parts that will break over time. Along with that, the edges on the vise are grinded so there’s no worry of cutting yourself. No matter the project, safety should always be the highest priority.

Stronger Hold: Grooved Inserts for Enhanced Grip

The steel jaw inserts, the parts that makes contact with your workpiece, are grooved. Because the contact surface is textured rather than smooth there is virtually no chance of anything sliding around.

Double Lock Down Swivel Base: Two Locks for the Base to Prevent Unwanted Pivoting

The base of the bench vise has two locks so you don’t need to hold yourself back. Put in some more elbow grease!

Large Anvil Surface: Great for Metalworking or Smashing Things

The anvil surface is a useful addition. When the vise is installed onto a workbench, you can hammer away to your heart’s content.

Reliability: A 70 Year Quality Company

Any veteran to home projects or construction will tell you that Wilton is a quality name. Started in 1941, the Wilton company has made a name for itself through good products and great customer service. They’re so sure of their products that they boast a lifetime warranty.


  • 1. Great for any weekend project
  • 2. Engineered to prevent slip-ups
  • 3. Designed to last
  • 4. Easy to install


1. There is a possibility of the locking lever being misplaced or broken because of its size. Fortunately, the company itself stocks replacement parts and parts can be sent free of charge.
2. The jaw size may be an issue for those working on very large projects, but nearly all home projects won’t have a need for anything bigger.

The Wilton 11104 Bench Vise is the best and often overlooked tool in a DIYer’s arsenal. It has found a use for every project of every material and proved its usefulness time and time again.

To reiterate, this something you must have if you plan on producing anything great. The strength, reliability, and versatility make it the best bench vise you can choose.

Choosing The Best Smartphone Portable Battery Chargers

People depend on their technology devices such as smartphones for a number of purposes. People often panic when the battery life is getting low. A power bank can allow a person to charge their device while they are on the go. When buying a portable battery charger there are some things to look for. The power bank will allow a person to use their device by restoring battery life. Power banks have come a long way. There are so many on the market now it is hard to make a choice. There are some key features to keep in mind when selecting a power bank.

Size- Bigger Means Better

Battery life is measured in mAg. Power bank range from 2,000 mAh to 20,000 mAh. The more mAh the power bank has the more power it will provide to the device. For example the iPhone 5 uses 1,570 mAp of power. When purchasing a power bank the more mAh it has the better it will be. This will allow a person to charge several devices without the power bank needing to be recharged. When in doubt select the power bank with the most power.

Output and Ampere Ports

The typical power bank has 1 outport port which means a person can only charge one of their devices at a time. Some power banks such as the Silvertec Sanyo 7,800 mAh has two ports. The typical power bank has a 1A output. This is fine for phones but are not compatible with iPads. When selecting a power bank with two ports one of them should be something higher like a 2.1 A which can be used with the iPad. If the power bank does not come with a USB charger and needs something such as a micro USB then pass on it.

Name and Uses

While name brand is not everything there are many counterfeit power banks that are not safe. Some have higher mAh ratings than they actually put out. Poor craftsmanship can also make them unsafe. Avoid purchasing power banks that come directly from China. A little extra money can ensure that the power bank is effective and safe to use. There is also a difference in design. Some power banks may cost a little more but the design and ease of use it worth it.

Add Features

It is important to consider what else comes with the power bank. Some with come with pronged cables and other may come with short candles. Some may even have a section cup pad so that the phone will be right on the power bank. Many power banks come with a LED light. Some come with Bluetooth and even speakers. There are also solar powered power banks. Some power banks such as the XTAR WP2s can even work with a battery charger.

If a person is looking to purchase a power bank they should check out Storekini.com. There are many power banks at this online store . A person can find the right one to fit their needs.

See more here.

Review New GreenWorks 26032 Tools

If you are tired of shoveling snow in below freezing temperatures, then the Greenworks 12 amp 20″ snow blower may be the solution you are looking for. All electric and able to handle snow depths of up to ten inches, this machine is not only versatile but user friendly as well.

General Specifications

The Greenworks 12 amp 20 inch snow blower weighs in at a light 35 lbs-much less than its gas competition. A functional design allows the 18 inch impeller to clear a path that is 20 inches wide. Six inch rubber wheels allow for easier handling and mobility. Easy starting with just a flip of a switch means you will not wear your arm out pulling a start cord.

Down to the Details

This product was clearly designed with the consumer in mind. A directional discharge will allow you to select up to 180 degrees making sure the snow goes exactly where you want it to. For comfort, the handle is adjustable to three different levels depending upon your height. A cord lock will hold your cord in place, keeping it out of the way and from coming unplugged.


Assembling this product could not be easier. The packaging is amazing, and the product comes pretty much together. There are a few plastic pieces that are added for protection that you will have to remove before use. Most people could have this snow blower unpacked and ready to use is less that 15-20 minutes.

Environmentally Friendly

If you believe in taking care of our planet, the Greenworks 12 amp 20 inch snow blower is eco-friendly. One of the main reasons that you will like this product is the fact that unlike it’s counterparts, you will not have to mix or use any smelly oil or fuel. This will not only save you time, but money as well. By using an efficient electric motor you will cut your carbon footprint to zero within your yard.

Final Thoughts

This is hands down one of the best snow removers ever made. It is easy to assemble, user friendly, and nice on the wallet as well as the environment. A couple of things need to be kept in mind before using this machine.

First of all, make sure you get an extension cord rated high enough (this is a 12 amp motor, so at a minimum 13 amp+ is recommended). Also, the housing is made of hard plastic. While it does not break easy, be sure to use caution when around curbs and such so that you do not break or crack the housing.

With that said, this is an overall great product. Good luck in your snow removal adventures!

GreenWorks – Lawn and Garden Tools – http://www.greenworkstools.com/

Bosch 4100-09 10-inch Portable Table Saw Review

 The table saw is a piece of equipment needed on almost every work site, but they can be difficult to move around the rough terrain of a job site and once in position time consuiming to relocate. The Bosch 4100-09 can remove many of the problems of transporting a table saw and moving it around a job site, built to be both tough and lightweight the 4100 guarantees perfect cuts and durability over many years and different jobs.

In total, the Bosch 4100 weighs in at just over 124 pounds, making this one of the lightest professional standard table saw and stand combinations available. Built from aluminum, the saw and accompanying stand are designed to be lightweight and tough, with the 39 pound stand including eight inch treaded wheels to make moving the saw around a job site as easy as possible. Bosch has also created simple to use gravity rise technology for the stand, which simplifies the process of raising and lowering the table saw for set up and take down. Once lowered on the gravity rise stand this lightweight saw in the classic blue color of the Bosch corporation can be stored easily at just 29 x 21.5 inches in diameter.

Despite its lightweight nature, the 4100 packs a powerful punch, with the power to cut through the majority of stock up to 25 inches in width. The powerful 15 amp motor produces four horsepower to turn the ten inch blade at a top speed of 3,650 rpm. Technological advances on this Bosch product include power management applications, which allow the saw to maintain a constant speed during each cut and lower the amount of power used when not in use. To increase the power management and safety options a soft start feature is also included with this high quality product.

Of course, power management and portability are nothing without the ability to create perfect cuts each and every time with simple to use cutting equipment. A unique style of rip fence is simple to use for the operator with just one hand, leaving the other free to handle stock to be cut. The rip fence can be locked into position easily for a precision cut to be made time after time. The 4100 allows a wide variety of cuts to be made from bevel cuts at an angle of -2 to 47 degrees, and dado cuts up to 13/16 inch.

As always safety is a key issue with power tools and the Bosch 4100-09 introduces a new innovation from the German manufacturer. The smart guard system allows the operator to see each cut being made in full view as the guard protects from any problems with kickback or similar issues.

Your Miter Saw Needs a Stand

ChopSawAre you ready to invest in a table saw stand? Now, that you have your saw, time to look for the right stand. It’s time, to look at a stand to enhance your job site. Your bottom line is essential to success, and looking at the many features of stands will help determine your needs, and increase your bottom line.

For most of you, this is your job, and finding effective ways to make it easier, to be productive are the key points. A stand that can enhance what you already have, might be an even bigger incentive. Add-ons, like a router table that gives you an added 90% work space might seem too good to be true. Look at the, Rousseau 2700 Saw Stand; it has one of the sturdiest bench tops, and to give it an advantage, the front edge sits just a bit lower so it slides smooth as silk without catching.

An awesome feature, I know will attract many of you, is a gravity-rise stand which simply means it makes setting up and down a snap. If the job requires you to work at multiple locations, and you need the durability of a heavy duty stand, then the, Bosch TS2000-Gravity-Rise Stand is a great choice. Can’t go wrong with this one, it will out preform on those less than desirable work surfaces.

Building a Homemade Portable Table Saw stand

I have many friends who are homeowners, looking for a portable stand. Key features it can easily fold up and store away. It has to be perfect for limited working space, like your home. If this is you, look at the, Keter 17182239 model. Space effective and can be folded with ease, it comes with two removable clamps and can hold up to 1000 pounds.

If you own a Bosch (GTS1031) saw, you might want to look to the stand that accompanies your saw. Even better, it folds flat and only weighs 14 pounds. The, Bosch GTA500, is a tool-free stand, meaning no tools to attach.

Lets’ say, you want an all steel design, one that has thick steel frames and is fully adjustable. When you think of a steel design, the first thing that comes to mind is durable and tough. This model has it and more as it also comes with pressure assisted cylinders. Look at the Makita 194093-8 Portable Stand.

Once you have identified the key features most important to you, it’s time to invest in your future.

A Guide to Buying Angle Grinders Online

If you are going to buy power tools for professional purposes, you better choose the best and that means going cordless. Not only are cordless tools practical because they don’t need a power cord or cable to be tethered to, they are also extremely appealing as they allow you to reach tricky places easily. If you are going to invest in cordless angle grinder, you need to buy the best products. The point is – they don’t come cheap. So, you don’t want to end up with something that won’t perform its job properly.

The following cordless angle grinders are the best out there for some simple reasons – they are professional, the motor is of top quality and the battery capacity is amazing:

Makita BGA452Z – The motor of this cordless angle grinder gives you 10,000 RPM. This motor is protected by a protection circuit which offers torque control. The company claims that it makes your grinding 50% faster and in reality, they live up to that promise. For reducing fatigue of the operator, the tool only weighs 5.3lbs which is another plus. Giving more cycles by about 2.5 times, the optimum charger (Energy Star Rated) and the lithium ion batteries are capable of producing total lifetime work of 430%.

DEWALT D28402K – The motor is an extensive 10-amp AC/DC and gives 11,000 RPM so that the material removal is faster and the overload protection is better. Because the chance of debris and dust entering through the air vents is always a possibility which hampers the functioning of the tool, a dust ejection system has been provided. Precise and impeccable gear alignment is provided by the jam pot gear for smoother transmission.

Porter-Cable PC18AG – The 18V motor offers a stable 8,500 RPM specifically for grinding and cutting purposes. The side handle is adjustable and has 3 positions for better control and the gear housing is made from cast metal, providing outstanding durability.

Dewalt DCG412B – Offering 6,500 RPM, the motor works tirelessly and is especially made for electrical, automotive and repair operations. It allows quick finishing of jobs and lives up to its brand name.

Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2680-20 – The 4 pole motor, overload protection, the L shape vents and the novel paddle switch make this tool a must addition to any professional’s toolkit.

When you decide to buy a cordless angle grinder, it is important to balance your budget with the features. After all, you won’t have to spend this much again for the next 5 years or so.

BOSTITCH F21PL Round Head 1-12-Inch to 3-12-Inch Framing Nailer

Framing-NailerBeing able to confidently nail in different types of frames will be important for many construction crews out there. Even individual home owners will want to check out what they can get from this nail gun. This device has been designed to help provide precision technology, which is often an important goal for people. Users should check out how they can actually try out a nailer that will work for their projects. They will find that this model has the power and precision that they need to simply complete these types of projects without hassle. This is why the Bostitch framing nailer has been drawing high reviews from all of its users lately.

High Driving Power

This nailer is backed by 1050 inch-pounds of force behind the nails that it drives. There are many people who are discovering that they can use this nailer to actually drive the nails in to dense materials. This is an important option for many people, who will be impressed by the full range of options they get from this model. It can actually be used for either trigger driving or sequential driving. This will ensure that operators are able to get the perfect look that they want to see for these nailers.

Converts To Different Uses

Other users will be impressed by the fact that they nailer is capable of driving nails in to a wide variety of surfaces. This is because it is fixed up with a an adjustable nose piece that will alter the drive of the nails. Users can simply snap on an all new nose piece when they want to completely revamp the functionality of the nailer.

Lightweight Framing Design

Most people will appreciate that the BOSTITCH model actually carries a lightweight frame that will help people use it for longer periods of time. It has a magnesium casing that will prove to be very helpful on large projects.


  • Weighs just 8.1 pounds
  • 7 year limited warranty
  • Rubber grip


  • May spark when used
  • Nose spring can snag

Consumer Reviews:

The BOSTITCH F21PL Round Head 1-1/2-Inch to 3-1/2-Inch Framing Nailer offers top quality precision, which is reflected by the consumer reviews for the product. Consumers note how easy it is to use and how they can simply trust the device to help them major projects done on time.


Consumers will want to find a way that they can purchase this BOSTITCH model. It has been optimized to provide top quality performance driving nails in to almost any kind of surface.

PORTER-CABLE PCCK640LB Lithium Ion Impact Driver

A workman is only as good as his tools and his tools enhance his skills. Every workman, handyman, contractor or do it your selfer needs to have a PORTER-CABLE PCCK640LB 20-volt 1/4-Inch Hex Lithium Ion Impact Driver Kit at his disposal. The PORTER-CABLE PCCK640LB 20-volt 1/4-Inch Hex Lithium Ion Impact Driver Kit will enhance any workman’s ability to take on heavy jobs.

PORTER-CABLECompactness: The workman will find that the pistol grip enables him to manage the weight of the driver with ease. It does not feel bulky and is pretty agile to handle. The compactness enables the workman to have steadier hands which means he will get the job done right the first time.

High Performance Transmission: The high performance transmission means that the workman can tackle heavy drill jobs with confidence. He will not have to work about a slow rotation or a failed drive because the driver is underpowered. The PORTER-CABLE PCCK640LB20 volt power pack proved enough power to handle any job.

Easy Bit Loader: The PORTER-CABLE PCCK640LB allows a secure bit fit and easy bit exchange without the need for the workman to fumble to secure a new bit. This is particularly handy when working in tight places.

4 LED Work Light: This fun feature avoids the drill with one hand while you have a flash light in your mouth or in the other hand. This allows the workman the ability to work in tight unlit places with a greater ease and with precision.

Pros & Cons

In summary, the PORTER-CABLE PCCK640LB 20-volt 1/4-Inch Hex Lithium Ion Impact Driver Kit presents a powerful, easy to use and handy tool for the serious workman. While the device may seem a bit heavy with the 20 volt battery pack, its weight is an asset as it provides a great amount of power for just about any driving job.

Customer Reviews and Score:

The PORTER-CABLE PCCK640LB 20-volt 1/4-Inch Hex Lithium Ion Impact Driver Kit receives a five star rating and raves as a result of its power and ease of use.


This is a tool which will not fail you on those critical jobs when you need power and performance. It is maintenance free and is more essential than the hammer as the tool to carry on your work belt. No workman should be without the cordless drill tool at his side.