Bosch 4100-09 10-inch Portable Table Saw Review

 The table saw is a piece of equipment needed on almost every work site, but they can be difficult to move around the rough terrain of a job site and once in position time consuiming to relocate. The Bosch 4100-09 can remove many of the problems of transporting a table saw and moving it around a job site, built to be both tough and lightweight the 4100 guarantees perfect cuts and durability over many years and different jobs.

In total, the Bosch 4100 weighs in at just over 124 pounds, making this one of the lightest professional standard table saw and stand combinations available. Built from aluminum, the saw and accompanying stand are designed to be lightweight and tough, with the 39 pound stand including eight inch treaded wheels to make moving the saw around a job site as easy as possible. Bosch has also created simple to use gravity rise technology for the stand, which simplifies the process of raising and lowering the table saw for set up and take down. Once lowered on the gravity rise stand this lightweight saw in the classic blue color of the Bosch corporation can be stored easily at just 29 x 21.5 inches in diameter.

Despite its lightweight nature, the 4100 packs a powerful punch, with the power to cut through the majority of stock up to 25 inches in width. The powerful 15 amp motor produces four horsepower to turn the ten inch blade at a top speed of 3,650 rpm. Technological advances on this Bosch product include power management applications, which allow the saw to maintain a constant speed during each cut and lower the amount of power used when not in use. To increase the power management and safety options a soft start feature is also included with this high quality product.

Of course, power management and portability are nothing without the ability to create perfect cuts each and every time with simple to use cutting equipment. A unique style of rip fence is simple to use for the operator with just one hand, leaving the other free to handle stock to be cut. The rip fence can be locked into position easily for a precision cut to be made time after time. The 4100 allows a wide variety of cuts to be made from bevel cuts at an angle of -2 to 47 degrees, and dado cuts up to 13/16 inch.

As always safety is a key issue with power tools and the Bosch 4100-09 introduces a new innovation from the German manufacturer. The smart guard system allows the operator to see each cut being made in full view as the guard protects from any problems with kickback or similar issues.

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