Choosing The Best Smartphone Portable Battery Chargers

People depend on their technology devices such as smartphones for a number of purposes. People often panic when the battery life is getting low. A power bank can allow a person to charge their device while they are on the go. When buying a portable battery charger there are some things to look for. The power bank will allow a person to use their device by restoring battery life. Power banks have come a long way. There are so many on the market now it is hard to make a choice. There are some key features to keep in mind when selecting a power bank.

Size- Bigger Means Better

Battery life is measured in mAg. Power bank range from 2,000 mAh to 20,000 mAh. The more mAh the power bank has the more power it will provide to the device. For example the iPhone 5 uses 1,570 mAp of power. When purchasing a power bank the more mAh it has the better it will be. This will allow a person to charge several devices without the power bank needing to be recharged. When in doubt select the power bank with the most power.

Output and Ampere Ports

The typical power bank has 1 outport port which means a person can only charge one of their devices at a time. Some power banks such as the Silvertec Sanyo 7,800 mAh has two ports. The typical power bank has a 1A output. This is fine for phones but are not compatible with iPads. When selecting a power bank with two ports one of them should be something higher like a 2.1 A which can be used with the iPad. If the power bank does not come with a USB charger and needs something such as a micro USB then pass on it.

Name and Uses

While name brand is not everything there are many counterfeit power banks that are not safe. Some have higher mAh ratings than they actually put out. Poor craftsmanship can also make them unsafe. Avoid purchasing power banks that come directly from China. A little extra money can ensure that the power bank is effective and safe to use. There is also a difference in design. Some power banks may cost a little more but the design and ease of use it worth it.

Add Features

It is important to consider what else comes with the power bank. Some with come with pronged cables and other may come with short candles. Some may even have a section cup pad so that the phone will be right on the power bank. Many power banks come with a LED light. Some come with Bluetooth and even speakers. There are also solar powered power banks. Some power banks such as the XTAR WP2s can even work with a battery charger.

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