Electric vs Gas Snow Blowers

Winter is on it’s way, do you really want to be outside shoveling snow? Shoveling takes a lot of time and can be hard on your back if your not mindful of posture. Motorized snow blowers have been created to make the job easier and less time consuming. Whether you prefer a gas or electric snow blower, you can guarantee to get the job done hassle free.

Gas Snow Blower

Longer driveways call for a bigger job this you will want a gas snow blower. They are gas to use, no hazards of dragging around a cord and are excellent for heavy snow fall and wet snow. There are two types of gas snow blowers; single-stage and two-stage. Single stage clears and dispenses only about 8 inches of snow fall whereas two-stage has a relatively large distance when dispensing the snow after it is suctioned into the machine.

Pros and Cons of Gas Snow Blower

While the gas snow blowing seems to be great for handling bigger tasks, they have their disadvantages too. Gas powered snow blowers often come with a higher price because of their ability to have more power, go the distance and get the job done. What you need to ask yourself is what do you really need in a gas snow blower. When purchasing a two-stage snow blower, it is good to keep in mind that they are not all the same. They range from high-end to low-end two stage gas snow blowers. Low-end has only 5.5 horse power while high-end has 9 mhp.

Electric Snow Blower

Short or midsize driveways, the electric blower will take care of the job in a timely fashion. With an electric snow blower, you spend more time ditching the snow and less time with the maintenance such as starting it up, putting it away and maneuvering it around other larger items. Electric snow blowers are less expensive that gas and are excellent for small jobs.

Pros and Cons of the Electric Snow Blower

As with everything, the electric snow blower has it’s advantages and disadvantages. With the electric, you don’t need to worry about tune-ups, oil or gas. They aren’t as loud as gas blowers and because they are lightweight, it makes storing easy. The cons of a snow blower are that they are most useful on short driveways because the cord tends to be in the way thus making it a hazard. The electric snow blower also does not have as much power as the gas blower.


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