Essential Tool For Any Home DIYer

An American engineered vise with a four inch opening, The Wilton Bench Vise is an essential tool for any home DIYer. Whether it be drilling perfect holes, sawing down a 2×4, or creating a strong glue seal, having a bench vise to hold down your work is important to a polished project.

Safety: Made with High Strength Steel

That means there won’t be any weak parts that will break over time. Along with that, the edges on the vise are grinded so there’s no worry of cutting yourself. No matter the project, safety should always be the highest priority.

Stronger Hold: Grooved Inserts for Enhanced Grip

The steel jaw inserts, the parts that makes contact with your workpiece, are grooved. Because the contact surface is textured rather than smooth there is virtually no chance of anything sliding around.

Double Lock Down Swivel Base: Two Locks for the Base to Prevent Unwanted Pivoting

The base of the bench vise has two locks so you don’t need to hold yourself back. Put in some more elbow grease!

Large Anvil Surface: Great for Metalworking or Smashing Things

The anvil surface is a useful addition. When the vise is installed onto a workbench, you can hammer away to your heart’s content.

Reliability: A 70 Year Quality Company

Any veteran to home projects or construction will tell you that Wilton is a quality name. Started in 1941, the Wilton company has made a name for itself through good products and great customer service. They’re so sure of their products that they boast a lifetime warranty.


  • 1. Great for any weekend project
  • 2. Engineered to prevent slip-ups
  • 3. Designed to last
  • 4. Easy to install


1. There is a possibility of the locking lever being misplaced or broken because of its size. Fortunately, the company itself stocks replacement parts and parts can be sent free of charge.
2. The jaw size may be an issue for those working on very large projects, but nearly all home projects won’t have a need for anything bigger.

The Wilton 11104 Bench Vise is the best and often overlooked tool in a DIYer’s arsenal. It has found a use for every project of every material and proved its usefulness time and time again.

To reiterate, this something you must have if you plan on producing anything great. The strength, reliability, and versatility make it the best bench vise you can choose.

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