Must-Have Tools for Every Homeowner


Must-Have Tools

Household repairs can vary, but many involve water pipes, toilets, sink fixtures, electric plugs and outlets. Common household tasks include wall mounts for TVs, tightening loose connections and repairing broken furniture. With the ten tools listed here, one can perform common household repairs, and a large number of improvement projects easily and quickly.

Three Old-School Hand Tools

Every household should have a hammer, two screwdrivers, and a saw. These are essential items, tools for simple tasks like tightening a screw, nailing into a wall, or cutting a piece of wood or metal. A suitable hammer choice is a simple claw hammer with a hard face to drive nails and a slotted, curved back to pull out nails. Since there are two kinds of screws, one needs two screwdrivers: a electric screwdriver, with a pointed tip, and a slotted screwdriver. It is best to choose medium-sized screwdrivers to handle small or large screw heads. Saws have fine teeth for metal and larger razor edges for wood. The bow hacksaw is one saw with two blades, one for metal and a blade for wood. The bow shape is ideal for cutting trees branches and yard tasks too.

Four Gripping Tools

Pliers, an adjustable wrench, channel locks, and a set of Allen wrenches are four tools every household needs for gripping and turning. Pliers are useful for holding, gripping and pulling. One should have two kinds, needle–nose for gripping small things or working in small spaces, and standard pliers. The adjustable wrench opens to the exact size needed to turn a stubborn nut or hold a bolt while another tool turns the nut.

Channel-lock pliers are a flexible tool. It has four channels- or size ranges- and squeezes to close and grip an object. This flexible tool applies turning power to large or small objects. Allen connectors have a recessed top in an octagon shape. They require an octagon shaped metal tip of the exact size, and this is the occasion for a set of Allen wrenches. Many boxed furniture items made in Europe or Asia use Allen bolts to connect pieces.

Cut, Patch And Drill

A wired or battery powered reversible drill is an indispensable household tool. It changes the dynamics of home repairs, the time consuming hand ache of driving screws become a brief spurt and done. One can easily make repairs to household items like tables and chairs. With pre-drilled holes, nails and screws will not split or damage the pieces under repair. When operating a drill or performing any repair task, one should wear protective goggles. A safety blade is an excellent tool for cutting materials, including carpeting, floor tiles, and thin wires. Tapes can make difficult repairs easy. New taping materials can bond to surfaces to seal cracked pipes and hoses while old-fashioned friction tape is perfect for electrical wiring connections.

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