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If you are tired of shoveling snow in below freezing temperatures, then the Greenworks 12 amp 20″ snow blower may be the solution you are looking for. All electric and able to handle snow depths of up to ten inches, this machine is not only versatile but user friendly as well.

General Specifications

The Greenworks 12 amp 20 inch snow blower weighs in at a light 35 lbs-much less than its gas competition. A functional design allows the 18 inch impeller to clear a path that is 20 inches wide. Six inch rubber wheels allow for easier handling and mobility. Easy starting with just a flip of a switch means you will not wear your arm out pulling a start cord.

Down to the Details

This product was clearly designed with the consumer in mind. A directional discharge will allow you to select up to 180 degrees making sure the snow goes exactly where you want it to. For comfort, the handle is adjustable to three different levels depending upon your height. A cord lock will hold your cord in place, keeping it out of the way and from coming unplugged.


Assembling this product could not be easier. The packaging is amazing, and the product comes pretty much together. There are a few plastic pieces that are added for protection that you will have to remove before use. Most people could have this snow blower unpacked and ready to use is less that 15-20 minutes.

Environmentally Friendly

If you believe in taking care of our planet, the Greenworks 12 amp 20 inch snow blower is eco-friendly. One of the main reasons that you will like this product is the fact that unlike it’s counterparts, you will not have to mix or use any smelly oil or fuel. This will not only save you time, but money as well. By using an efficient electric motor you will cut your carbon footprint to zero within your yard.

Final Thoughts

This is hands down one of the best snow removers ever made. It is easy to assemble, user friendly, and nice on the wallet as well as the environment. A couple of things need to be kept in mind before using this machine.

First of all, make sure you get an extension cord rated high enough (this is a 12 amp motor, so at a minimum 13 amp+ is recommended). Also, the housing is made of hard plastic. While it does not break easy, be sure to use caution when around curbs and such so that you do not break or crack the housing.

With that said, this is an overall great product. Good luck in your snow removal adventures!

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