Your Miter Saw Needs a Stand

ChopSawAre you ready to invest in a table saw stand? Now, that you have your saw, time to look for the right stand. It’s time, to look at a stand to enhance your job site. Your bottom line is essential to success, and looking at the many features of stands will help determine your needs, and increase your bottom line.

For most of you, this is your job, and finding effective ways to make it easier, to be productive are the key points. A stand that can enhance what you already have, might be an even bigger incentive. Add-ons, like a router table that gives you an added 90% work space might seem too good to be true. Look at the, Rousseau 2700 Saw Stand; it has one of the sturdiest bench tops, and to give it an advantage, the front edge sits just a bit lower so it slides smooth as silk without catching.

An awesome feature, I know will attract many of you, is a gravity-rise stand which simply means it makes setting up and down a snap. If the job requires you to work at multiple locations, and you need the durability of a heavy duty stand, then the, Bosch TS2000-Gravity-Rise Stand is a great choice. Can’t go wrong with this one, it will out preform on those less than desirable work surfaces.

Building a Homemade Portable Table Saw stand

I have many friends who are homeowners, looking for a portable stand. Key features it can easily fold up and store away. It has to be perfect for limited working space, like your home. If this is you, look at the, Keter 17182239 model. Space effective and can be folded with ease, it comes with two removable clamps and can hold up to 1000 pounds.

If you own a Bosch (GTS1031) saw, you might want to look to the stand that accompanies your saw. Even better, it folds flat and only weighs 14 pounds. The, Bosch GTA500, is a tool-free stand, meaning no tools to attach.

Lets’ say, you want an all steel design, one that has thick steel frames and is fully adjustable. When you think of a steel design, the first thing that comes to mind is durable and tough. This model has it and more as it also comes with pressure assisted cylinders. Look at the Makita 194093-8 Portable Stand.

Once you have identified the key features most important to you, it’s time to invest in your future.

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